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    Maps and Local SEO

    October 5, 2017

October 5, 2017

Maps and Local SEO

Maps and Local SEO

Why are maps so important to local SEO? How can you leverage maps and local SEO to drive more business away from your competitors?

Traditional SEO requires content, links, and authority in order to determine who gets served in search results. However, Local SEO, as discussed before, tries to deliver a result to the searcher based on geographical location.

As you can see, it makes make sense that when a searcher uses a map on their mobile device to discover businesses in their areas that your business come up front and center.

For Example:

Say for instance you are sitting at your office and you realize you need to hire a new CPA for your taxes. We will assume that you are looking for an agency that is close by. You want to be able to visit them regularly without having to drive more than 5 miles.

A searcher can open Apple Maps or Google Maps on your phone and type in “CPA firms” and set the geographical parameters for 5 miles. You immediately receive a list of CPA firms within 5 miles along with their ratings and reviews. There will also be contact information immediately available and a link to their website.

Maps and SEO Optimization

This is critical in helping the searcher find close, relevant services. As a business, if you are not on the map, you are simply not going to get that customer. So it’s important that your local optimization program incorporate proper map optimization into it’s plan.

Don’t be invisible. Attract the business you deserve.

If you aren’t sure how to do this, I’d be happy to help. You can reach me here or my email address is

As always, we hope you enjoyed this tip. Stay tuned as we will be posting a video each day this week dealing with Local Optimization and how it differs from traditional SEO. Tomorrow we discuss reviews and how they play an important role in your local optimization efforts.

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