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    Leveraging Browser Cache and Page Load Speed

    September 29, 2017

September 29, 2017

Leveraging Browser Cache and Page Load Speed

Leveraging Browser Cache

Thank you for watching our Youtube video series on Page Load Speed. This is our final episode in this video series “Leveraging Browser Cache.”

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this week’s video series and look forward to next week’s series.  We will be discussing: Local Optimization and why it’s different than traditional SEO.

Lets discuss how Leveraging Browser Cache affects your PageSpeed Insight score.

Why is browser cache management so important to page load speed? It’s pretty simple: Your browser stores information from a web server so that when you frequent the site, it can download only dynamic, or “changing” information and can store static information. This causes the load times to be faster than if you were downloading all of the webpage’s assets together.

With that being said, many people don’t realize that you can also configure your server to handle your browser’s cache. You can do this by setting expiration dates in your .htaccess file. This tells the browser what to store and for how long. This also keeps the local browser, and your web server in synch for faster content delivery.

Leveraging Browser Cache and WordPress

If you use WordPress as your Content Management System, there are several plugins that help you leverage browser cache. You have to be careful, however, when configuring these plugins. You can solve one problem while creating another. So make sure you understand what you are doing and how it can affect your site overall.

If you aren’t sure how to solve the “leveraging browser cache” issue for your site, feel free to contact me here or email me at and I’d be happy to help.

As always, we hope you enjoyed this tip. This concludes this week’s series on Page Load Speed and why it’s important to SEO. Stay tuned as we will be posting a video each day next week dealing with Local Optimization and why it’s different than traditional SEO.

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