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October 5, 2017

Maps and Local SEO

Maps and Local SEO

Why are maps so important to local SEO? How can you leverage maps and local SEO to drive more business away from your competitors?

Traditional SEO requires content, links, and authority in order to determine who gets served in search results. However, Local SEO, as discussed before, tries to deliver a result to the searcher based on geographical location.

As you can see, it makes make sense that when a searcher uses a map on their mobile device to discover businesses in their areas that your business come up front and center.

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September 29, 2017

Leveraging Browser Cache and Page Load Speed

Leveraging Browser Cache

Thank you for watching our Youtube video series on Page Load Speed. This is our final episode in this video series “Leveraging Browser Cache.”

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this week’s video series and look forward to next week’s series.  We will be discussing: Local Optimization and why it’s different than traditional SEO.

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September 28, 2017

Server Response Time and Page Load Speed

Server Response Time

Welcome to the third episode in our Page Load Speed Series. Today we are discussing Server Response Time and how it can negatively effect your site’s Ranking Factors.

Sometimes you can have a highly optimized site, yet still receive a low score on your Google PageSpeed Insights.

You will get an error that your “Server Response Time” is low or needs to be sped up. This actually has very little to do with your website and the way it was designed. It has more to do with how the website is hosted.

The main culprit is generally a cheaper, less powerful hosting plan. Shared plans that are not enterprise level can have poor performance and slower response times.

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September 27, 2017

SEO Plan: Javascript, CSS effects Page Load Speed

SEO Plan: Javascript, CSS

Page load speed, as we’ve been discussing, is vitally important in your SEO plan. A slow page is a non-converting page and a non-converting page isn’t making you money.

Most web developers are simply trying to build you a beautiful site. They aren’t taking into consideration the Search Engines or Local SEO  limitations that a bulky, slow site can cause.

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September 26, 2017

Image Optimization for Page Load Speed

Image Optimization for Page Load Speed

Why is image optimization important? Images on a website are oftentimes critical in communicating your brand, or assisting in telling the story of your content. From large Hero Images on your home page, to scrolling images in a gallery, to a simple image of a team member on your “Our Team” page, images can make or break the design aesthetics of a website.

So it’s no wonder most websites use images. But could they be harming you? The answer is absolutely Yes!

Images take data to load. The bigger the image, the more data it takes to load and the slower the page will load. This, of course, will kill your page load speed.

So how can you optimize your images so that they use smaller amounts of data, but still maintain their beauty and clear resolution?

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September 25, 2017

Page Load Speed and Why It’s Important for Search Engine Optimization

Page Load Speed


Page Load Speed is just one of the many Ranking Factors Google uses to determine Page Rank, but it’s an important one that absolutely cannot be overlooked.

It was In 2010 that Google made Page Load Speed an important part of their Ranking Factor. From then until now this has been predominantly for Desktop sites only, but soon it will be extremely important for mobile-site Ranking Factors as well.

As with all Ranking Factors, the better your score, the better your chances of beating out the competition for your desired keywords and key phrases. Read More