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July 20, 2017

No Fences Land Company

Case Study:

No Fences Land Company is a North Texas based Farm and Ranch Land Real Estate Brokerage Firm.

Our agency has been working with No Fences Land Company since the beginning of 2016. During that time, Ryan Kovach Advertising, our North Texas Marketing and Advertising agency,  has completely overhauled No Fences Land Company’s entire marketing program.

When the two parties initially met, No Fences Land Company had already become one of the most recognized broker firms in their niche. They were not, however, satisfied with being “one of the best.”  They wanted to be THE BEST and most-recognized brokerage firm in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.

Ryan Kovach Advertising has been in charge of every element of their North Texas marketing program.

Right out of the gate, our agency began managing all of No Fences Land Company’s advertising and marketing.

Assignments included but not limited to: Web Development, Video Production, Email Campaigns, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine PPC Marketing, as well as all graphics, handouts and IT.

From the beginning, Ryan Kovach Advertising helped facilitate a smooth transition from their previous advertising agency. Each of our programs are data-driven.  This means that our client will never have to guess their ROI. We deliver our programs with reliable and verifiable data that clearly shows our clients the upward trends in their marketing programs.

Current Results:

  • Organic Web traffic is up 58%
  • Social Media footprint has increased by 62%
  • Qualified Inbound Leads Generated from online sources went from 4 per week to an average of 2 per day
  • Sales Volume increase of 47%

We are proud of our results.  Most importantly, our partners at No Fences Land Company are as well.  We will continue to work diligently with the team at No Fences Land Company to solidify our forward progress.  We know the future has never been brighter for this amazing North Texas Ranch and Farm Land Brokerage Firm.

Want to see some of our handy work?

In conclusion, if your organization is not getting data-driven upward trending marketing programs, we can help.

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